Welcome to Toastmasters District 61

From Kingston, Ontario to Rimouski, Québec, District 61 serves Toastmasters members since 1958, in both English and French. We support 200 Toastmasters clubs for a total of over 4,000 members and counting. Our motto: "We ALL Succeed One Member at a Time”. Welcome to Toastmasters District 61!

District 61 Conference

Our District Trio


District Director, Brian McDonald
Program Quality Director, Linda Charbonneau
Club Growth Director, Laurence Pécharde

Introducing our District's 8 Division Directors


In order of appearance:
Division A Director, Ronald Servant;
Division B Director, Francine Fortin;
Division C Director, Carol Gravel;
Division D Director, Craig Senior;
Division I Director, Marie-Andrée Lessard;
Division G Director, Bonnie Mak;
Division H Director, Michèle Ducharme;
Division F Director, George Kiorpelidis.

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More hand-written notes heading to the blue bin...

"Ever wonder what you are getting out of the [Toastmasters] program? Maybe you feel you aren't getting enough? If you got something, from whom would you get it? From other people and from yourself as you practice leading and communicating by doing leading and communicating.

If other people are to get something, from whom would they get it? From themselves as they practice and from you. If they receive from you, then you are its source. If you are the source, then you are growing. Unsure about that, try BEING the source of love and run out of it." ... See MoreSee Less

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Cleaning out my home office, I ran across some handwritten notes. Wasn't sure when I'd use them. Now is good.

"Need more members? You don't need more members. The number of members you have is a symptom (result) of the environment. Who creates that environment? You do [in part].

People aren't at your club because they are somewhere else, because that other place is more interesting, entertaining, important to them.

What are you doing to make your club experience the "Wow!" moment of the week? What are you doing to make your meeting transformative, or do you worry that everyone is following the rules?" ... See MoreSee Less

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Des Ressources linguistiques sur le site Web du district, certains nouveaux, certains anciens: http://www.tmd61.com/fr/autre/ ... See MoreSee Less

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