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District Officers 2017-2018 v2018-01-24

Role / Rôle Name / Nom E-mail/Courriel Phone
District Director Laurence Pechadre-Lenoir 613-618-1865
Program Quality Director Francine Fortin 873-353-0263
Club Growth Director Ronald Servant 613-850-9986
Administration Manager France Vezina 613-882-7315
Finance Manager Sui Leung 613-878-8228
Public Relations Manager Jennifer Collins
Immediate Past District Director Brian McDonald 613-888-8157
Audit Committee Chair Davender Gupta
Division A Leigh Street 613-889-3553
Division B Tanya Hall 613-667-3045
Division C Amanda Tompkins
Division D Jean-Francois Lecuyer 819-663-1142
Division F Dudley Balan 514-586-0075
Division G Oren Weintraub 514-927-7906
Division H Marguerite Michaud 450-656-2911
Division I Kambale Katahwa
Area 1 Stephen Fritz-Millett
Area 2 Wanda Bender
Area 3 Carrie Wynne
Area 4 Anthony Renaud
Area 10 Lenore Whelan
Area 11 Julie Salgado
Area 12 James Carty
Area 13 Manoj Mittal 613-270-0174
Area 14 Beryle Cannell
Area 15 Wilma Armstrong
Area 16
Area 17 Jim Armstrong 613-882-0408
Area 20
Area 21 Carol Gravelle
Area 22 Said Hamlat
Area 23 Robert Leitch
Area 24 Mark Davis
Area 25 Helen Hutcheson
Area 26 Carol Gravelle
Area 30 Kabahenda Kiggundu
Area 31
Area 32 Kevin Chapman
Area 33 Pat Callaghan 613-922-6052
Area 34 Nancy McWatters 613-729-6426
Area 50 Francois-Gabriel David
Area 51 Lee Weishar
Area 52 Andreas J. Schwab 514-695-8574
Area 53 Coco Chen 514-316-8636
Area 54 Francine Turgeon 514-919-4147
Area 55 Jocelyne Corbin
Area 56 Laurent Daoust
Area 60 Khaye-Sureh Lerner
Area 61 Becky Kastner
Area 62 Epitace Nobera
Area 63 Anthony Bernardelli 514-226-3675
Area 64
Area 65 Aurore Liang
Area 70
Area 71 Louise Audy
Area 72 Jacques Dery
Area 73 Line Bouchard
Area 90 Michel Dubé
Area 91 Jacqueline Ruest
Area 92 Marc Boudreault
Area 93 Line Laroche
Club Extension Chair Sandra Gloss
Webmaster Brian McDonald
Logistics Manager Dillon Leduc
Club Quality Chair
Club Retention Chair
Club New Source Research Chair
District Leadership Committee Chair Brian McDonald 613-888-8157
District Credentials Committee Chair Brian McDonald 613-888-8157
District Alignment Committee Chair Brian McDonald 613-888-8157
District Parliamentarian Sean Crowe 613-668-3954
Conference Committee 2019 Leigh Street
Spring Conference Committee Chair Amy Campbell
Club Coach Chair Paul Jacobs
Comité Club Coach, Québec
Chair Youth Leadership Program
Youth Leadership Program - committee member Noah Al Charif
District Information manager Craig Senior
District Education Committee Chair (Montreal) EducationMontreal@ToastmastersDistrict61.porg
District Education Committee Chair (Ottawa)
District Educational Standards Committee Chair
Chair, Member Recognition Projects/awards committee
District Mentors Circle Nena Nera
District Mentors Circle Diann Franklin
District Mentors Circle Lynne Zander
District Mentors Circle Fran Watson
Chair, Speechcraft program Harry Zwanenburg
District Advisor
District Bilingual Services Team Member Pascal Denys Allaire
District Statistician: analyst Brian McDonald
Region Advisor Heather Lane
International Director Region VI Vera Johnson 313-402-8126
TLI Toolkit Hélène Buteau
Translation Specialist to the DD Pascal Denys Allaire
Pathways Chief Ambassador Frank Schilder
Pathways Ambassador Allene Lewis
Pathways Ambassador Emily Graves
Pathways Ambassador Rick Holloway
Pathways Ambassador Sue Dalati
Pathways Ambassador Scott Minnes
Pathways Ambassador Sanjeev Dutt
Pathways Ambassador Nena Nera
Pathways Ambassador Roy van der Mull
Pathways Ambassador Craig Senior
Pathways Ambassador Sylvain Auffret
Pathways Ambassador Hélène Buteau
Pathways Ambassador Raymond Brisebois
Pathways Ambassador Brian Sutton
Pathways Ambassador Dan Bennett
Pathways Ambassador Todd Gatien
Pathways Ambassador Franck Moquette
Pathways Ambassador Louise Provencher
Pathways Ambassador Denis Latulippe
Pathways Ambassador Michel Payment
Pathways Ambassador Max-Emilien Robichaud
Pathways Ambassador Nick Schultze
Pathways Ambassador Christine Levesque
Pathways Ambassador Bruno Proulx
Pathways Ambassador Léonce Boudreau