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The District Council is the governing body of the District and conducts all the business of the District, where District Council members discuss and vote on District business.

Notice of Meetings

The district must provide notice of these meetings four weeks in advance. However, a district should include the dates of the council meetings and conferences on the district Web site, in the first mailings to clubs and in all mailings to club and district officers during the year.

Who Attends

Voting members of the District Council are the District Executive Committee and the Club President and Vice President Education of each member Club in the District. (The District Executive Committee, is composed of the District Director, the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, the Public Relations Manager, the Administration Manager, the Finance Manager, the Division Directors, the Area Directors, and the Immediate Past District Director.)

Committee chairmen and others whose participation the council requires may attend its meetings. Toastmasters attending the district conference, who are not voting members of the council, or their proxies, may attend but not participate in council deliberations.

Frequency of Meetings

The district council is required to hold at least two meetings each year. The first required meeting must be held after the International Convention, but no later than December 1. The second required meeting is the district council annual meeting and must be held between March 15 and June 1. In Most districts around the world both meetings are held in conjunction with a district conference.


A quorum is one-third of the club presidents and vice presidents education from member clubs in good standing in the district. If any business is done at district council meetings where a quorum is not present, then a majority of the member clubs must approve the action through a vote in writing.

What if a quorum is not present?

  • If any business is transacted at a meeting where a quorum is not present, the action taken is deemed valid, provided it is later expressly approved in writing by the affirmative vote of a majority of district clubs on the basis of two votes per club.
  • Send a mailing to all clubs as soon as possible after the meeting so that affirmation can be obtained within a reasonable time.


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