Proxies Explained

This document outlines the purpose and importance of proxies. If you are a club President or VP Education, it applies to you so please read it carefully. The process of proxies often confuses members or in some cases members have the impression they are not important.

Importance of proxies

Proxies play a key part in the success of business meetings at the District, Regional and International conferences. Proxies are the mechanism by which clubs can ensure their voice is heard in decisions made at each of these levels. They also count towards establishing quorum for the meeting.

Each club is entitled to two votes at each District Council meeting. One vote is held by the club president, the other by the VP Education. Each district officer has one vote.

The best choice is to BE PRESENT at these meetings, avoiding the need for a proxy. If however you cannot attend, then it is VERY important you complete your proxy and have someone carry it to the meeting as your representative. In the case of the regional and international meeting you may mail your proxy to the District Director who will exercise your vote in your name.

Proxies are made available twice each year for District Council meetings, and once annually for each the International Convention

Fall District Conference

At the Fall District conference, the business meeting deals primarily with the district budget for the year and the year-end audit of the previous year. There may be other business that requires a vote as well.

Spring District Conference

At the Spring conference, the primary business is elections, realignment and the mid-year audit although there may be other business for vote as well.

International Convention

As with the District council meeting, each club holds two votes at the International Convention. This proxy form is mailed by Toastmasters International in a large blue envelope to the club President in early April. It is important to complete and sign the Form “A” , the proxy for the International meeting.

For this proxy:
If you will attend the conference, bring the completed proxy with you to the credentials desk at the conference to exchange it for your vote ballot
If you will not attend a conference then do ONE of the following:

  • a)  Designate a Toastmaster (in good standing)

    that will attend to carry the proxy and exchange it for a ballot. Make sure the proxy has been completed and SIGNED

  • b)  Complete the proxy and mail it to the District Director who will then obtain your ballot and cast your vote for you. (The mailing address Is on the back of the form)

If there is a question being presented for vote at the international convention, you have three choices on the proxy (form “A”):

  1. indicate your choice (Yes/No)
  2. identify a specific person who will be in attendance to exercise your vote
  3. (default) allow your District Director to vote the best choice for the members he/she represents by proxy.

The person carrying your proxy MUST follow the choice you make above when they vote on your behalf.

For the District conferences, the carrier of the proxy MUST be a club member.
District officers may carry a maximum of three ballots. Other district members may carry a maximum of two ballots.

At the international convention, the club may designate as its proxy, the club’s current District Director or any active Toastmaster that will attend the convention.

By default, (when you mail it) your District Director will receive your proxy and exercise your vote per your instructions.

At each of these conferences, the proxy holder registers with the credentials desk and exchanges the proxy for a voting ballot.

Note that at district level (ONLY), in the event one of those officers is not in attendance at the meeting and has not designated a proxy:
The officer or proxy holder in attendance must be deemed to hold the proxy of the other and may therefore cast two votes at the meeting.

  •   This assures that every club will be represented by two votes.
  •   No other proxies are valid at a district council meeting.
  •   District officers must be in attendance to cast a vote.

Completing your proxy is IMPORTANT. At the 2008 International Conference, the vote between the two candidates for 3rd Vice- President was separated by a mere four votes (the proxies of two clubs – out of 11,000 clubs worldwide). EVERY VOTE COUNTS.