Welcome to the new District 61 website!

Welcome to Release #1

It is with great pleasure that I now launch this new website entirely made with WordPress!

You will notice that not everything is there yet. I know. That’s why I’m leaving the old website online for the time being so you can retrieve all the documents that are not here yet. And since I’m Agile, I will not wait for a big-bang release at the end. I will add new things as I go and I will do that in an order meant to bring more value to you, as early and as often as possible.

What we have so far…

The News page

This is where you will find this post. Anything worth mentioning would be added here. Think of this as a feed where your District officers will share their ideas, and incentives, and documents worth sharing.

The Contact-Us page

We can now contact our District officers easily, directly from the website. If you use a smart phone to browse this page, you can click on the phone number to directly dial.

The Calendar page

Probably the biggest benefit so far. You can display as a monthly calendar or as a list of events. You can search for events by date or by keyword. We now have a Google Maps widget to help you visualize where the venue is, plus a link to Google Maps so you can calculate your itinerary. You can also export individual events to iCal or Google Calendar or export all the events in a single month!

What’s next?

Now the coolest thing is that by the end of July, any District Officer will have the permission to create events! If you are a Club Officer, just ask your Area Director or Division Director and they will be able to add your event to the District Calendar!

Also one of our top priority: sharing documents. Our District leaders often have documents to transmit to you. We will make sure they are able to post them here, themselves. The idea is that your Webmaster should not be a bottleneck.

The power in your hands

We believe in our leaders and we should trust them. It’s OK to make mistakes. No worries, the website is backed-up daily and there is a built-in versioning system in WordPress. I will be there to fix mistakes, if any, and coach people on how to use WordPress to achieve their goals. It’s easy to learn. And if this works well, we may even extend the access to Club Officers! We’ll see 😉

I will keep you posted as I add new items to the website.

Thank you all,

Pierre LeBlanc, District Webmaster