Mentoring Program

District 61 believes in a mentorship approach based on an experienced person (mentor) working with a less experienced person (mentee) as peers – including mutual respect. Our objective is to provide an environment where members learn directly from each other and develop stronger relationships. In a mentor-mentee relationship, the mentee is learning a skill, while the mentor is demonstrating and learning through leadership. Members will get much more out of Toastmasters in an environment where they can achieve their specific goals with the help of others and have strong interpersonal bonds.

The benefits of mentorship are numerous:

  • Dramatically improves the leadership and speaking skills of our membership
  • More effectively integrates people into our clubs
  • Delivers a stronger, happier membership with a better renewal percentage, and
  • the fulfillment of the Toastmaster's Promise

To help our clubs and our membership revitalize mentorship in their clubs, the District has launched the Mentorship initiative. This initiative is built around the District 61 Mentorship ambassadors who have a passion for mentorship and this district. To deliver the benefits of mentorship to the district, our ambassadors are:

  • Creating documents and tools to help people be excellent mentors and mentees and for clubs to revitalize mentorship on their own
  • Delivering presentations at TLIs and, when invited, at club meetings to explain District 61's mentorship program, the benefits of mentorship, how to mentor well, how to launch mentorship in your club, and the tools available to help make mentorship more effective in your club
  • Guiding club leaders and mentors

We look forward to a healthier, happier and more vibrant District 61 through Mentorship. A wonderful example of this is Toastmasters club MDPW and you can see why in Julie Baldwin-Davis' article "Harness the Power of Mentoring".

Useful Documents for Mentoring