Speech Contests

This page contains many windows showing folders on a Google Drive to share documents related to all contest types. It might take a few minutes for this page to display, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Contests in English

For contests in English only, it is possible to download a .zip file directly from the Toastmasters International website, containing all the documents needed for each contest type.

Documents common to all contests

International Speech Contest

(complete .zip file)

Humorous Speech Contest

(complete .zip file)

Evaluation Contest

(complete .zip file)

Table Topics Contest

(complete .zip file)

Contests in French

Documents common to all contests (in French)

International Speech Contest (Concours de discours international)

Humorous Speech Contest (Concours de discours humoristiques)

Evaluation Contest (Concours d'évaluation)

Table Topics Contest (Concours de discours improvisés)