A cup of coffee and a notepad!

A cup of coffee and a notepad!
By Tanya Hall, DTM, District 61 Program Quality Director

In late May I found myself sitting quietly one Sunday morning with my coffee and pad of paper pondering the year ahead of me. I started drafting some ideas that I wanted to achieve. However, I like to vet ideas to help formulate a plan – and that is what I did. Thanks to each District member who took the time to join one of my focus groups, whether it be on Pathways, training, mentoring or even recognition. I found each one rewarding in its own unique ways, and through this process it allowed me to build and enhance some really great plans.

Over the next few weeks you will see these rolled out and I hope you will embrace them and that they will enrich your Toastmasters journey – or, at the very least, make you smile because you are a part of something truly amazing. Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect.

Educational Officer Team – We established this team to offer club officers training beyond the TLI. At the TLI we focus on “what” your role is, but often there is not enough time to dive into the “how” part of your role. These workshops, on the last Monday of each month, will feature a 15-minute educational session followed by a 30-minute facilitated discussion.

Workshops – Over the course of the year, there will be monthly educational workshops to help enhance your club quality.

Mentoring – If you ever experienced the power of mentoring, you realize the importance of clubs having a great mentoring program. Through monthly workshops, we will deliver valuable tips to help clubs establish a working mentoring program.

Recognition – I believe recognizing members for what they do is an essential part of our program. There is a new webpage dedicated just to recognition. In addition to the Level 5 and DTM recipients, we will have a section for the Unsung Hero. This is our everyday Club member that stands out above the rest. Maybe it was organizing an amazing contest or taking on multiple roles or mentoring and inspiring club members – whatever it is, members can nominate these Unsung Heroes. Area Directors will review the nominations and honour the nominees with a special conference pin. They will only have a few pins, so their job will be tough but the honour to receive one will be exemplary.

Pathways – Where would an educational program be without Pathways support? We are bringing back a Pathways team to support you in your initiatives. This team will be available for email support or club presentations. You can email them at: PathwaysGuides@TMD61.com

These are just a few things you can expect to see this year! All of this would not be possible without great teams to support it. I am honoured to work with some of the most amazing people I know. Each team member brings great skill sets and a certain zest for the program that is enriching and fresh. Please visit the “Contact Us” page on our District website for a list of team leads to help you on your journey.

This plan all started with a cup of coffee and a notepad. I hope each of you will take some time one morning and draft your ideas. Through ideas we develop plans, set goals, and make things happen. Anything is possible!

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