Carole Gagnon Barabe

Carole is truly engaged leader committed to supporting her clubs and helping members in their learning and development.  Not only is she an active member to three of the clubs, she has been serving as mentor to many of the members and helping them flourish in their respective learning journey.  She visits all the clubs in her Area on a regular basis (attending her own clubs’ meetings every single week, and visiting the other two regularly).  During the contest season, Carole went out of her way to train two relatively inexperienced members to serve as Contest Chair, thereby developing leaders who would be able to take charge and train others in the future. Even though Carole only started her term as Area 22 Director in January, she has held three Area Council meetings so far.  There was a cordial atmosphere and it was clear that the members trusted Carole and were comfortable sharing their successes and challenges in the last year. Carole’s commitment and generosity as a leader and mentor to clubs and members is truly inspiring.