District Business

District 61

District 61 is a bilingual District with over 3,000 members, spanning Eastern Ontario, Québec, and Northern New York State.

On 1958-07-01, District 61 was officially recognized by Toastmasters International. The story actually began in 1956 when a group of Canadian Toastmasters (from then District 34 in upper New York State), decided to form two all-Canadian Districts. Districts 60-P and 61-P were granted provisional status in 1957 and became fully fledged Districts one year later on 1958-07-01.

The District Mission:

We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.


Club Alignment

Aligning (organizing) clubs, areas, and divisions within the district is the responsibility of the district alignment committee, ensuring all clubs are best served by the District. Except for rural clubs, District 61 strives for no more than 16 kms between clubs in an area.

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District Calendar

Exciting events are always happening in the district – from Toastmaster Leadership Institutes to District Executive Committee meetings.

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District Council

The District Council conducts all business of the District and serves as its administrative governing body, operating with powers delegated by the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International. The District Council includes district leaders, club presidents, and vice presidents of education.

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Toastmasters is operated solely by servant leadership. Annually, the District seeks individuals to rise to the opportunity to bring their unique ideas, visions, and inspirations to the leadership team. We need you.

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