Club Alignment

Once each year, districts must review and amend, if necessary, the alignment of the clubs, areas and divisions within their boundaries. The process begins in December when the district appoints an alignment chair and committee. The alignment committee identifies changes in alignment during January-March and presents a draft to the district executive committee.

The alignment committee considers several factors when recommending alignment changes. Clubs are typically assigned to an area based on geographic proximity to other clubs, club size and strength, club loss and club growth, and club language. Proposed changes must be approved by the district council and submitted to World Headquarters The goal is to ensure there are 4-6 clubs in each area. An area may not have more than 6 clubs at the beginning of the program year, on July 1. These limits allow area directors to best help clubs succeed in their planning, training, education, contests, and distinguished club program goals.

If you would like to serve on the alignment committee, please contact the alignment chair at Your input is always welcome.