District Council

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The District Council is the governing body of the District and conducts all the business of the District. District Council members discuss and vote on District business.


The District Council is required to hold at least two meetings each year. The first must be held after the International Convention and no later than September 30. The second must be held between March 15 and June 1.

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Toastmasters who are not voting members of the council, or their proxies, may attend council meetings but they can not participate in council deliberations.

The following are voting members of the District Council:

  • District Executive Committee
    • District Director
    • Program Quality Director
    • Club Growth Director
    • Public Relations Manager
    • Administration Manager
    • Finance Manager
    • Division Directors
    • Area Directors
    • Immediate Past District Director.
  • Club President and Vice President Education for each "Active" club in the District.


  • gain essential information for planning your club's season
  • be aware of district training and support opportunities
  • participate in decisions and be able to explain them to your members:
    • Adopt the district budget
    • Confirm District Officers Appointments
    • Contest types and number of contestants for this season
    • Other initiatives
  • address one or more subjects important to you

Together, we are stronger!


For the Online District Council meeting on 2021-09-23, proxies will not be used.

Proxies play a key part in the success of business meetings at the District, Regional and International business meetings. Proxies are the mechanism by which clubs can ensure their voice is heard in decisions made.

Proxies count towards establishing quorum. Each club is entitled to two votes at each District Council meeting. One vote is held by the club president, the other by the VP Education. Each district officer has one vote.


Documents from past District Council Meetings:

For more information, contact the District Director at DD@tmd61.com.