District Leader Nominations

Every year, District 61 looks for a new set of servant leaders. We need new ideas, new visions, new inspirations. We need you.

Decide How to Serve

The first step to decide how to serve your fellow Toastmasters is to read:

Another great resource is current and past district officers. They can tell you all about the office you’re interested in and you might even find in them a mentor. If you don’t know a current district officer, contact your District Director and they will connect you.

Get Nominated

To nominate any active Toastmaster in good standing in our district, complete the following:

E-mail the completed District Leader nominating Form to the chair of the District Leadership Committee (DLC) at Leadership@TMD61.com.

If someone nominates you, the DLC will contact you soon and ask you to complete the rest of the nomination package.

To nominate yourself, complete the nomination package:

E-mail the completed nomination package to the DLC at Leadership@TMD61.com.

Deadline to submit nominations:

  • Date: 2023-MM-DD
  • Time: HH:MM

Other Roles

For Area Director, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, and Logistics Manager roles, send a completed District Leader Nominating Form to the current District Director. The District Leadership Committee will not interview these candidates.

Election Date

Elections for District Officers for the year 2023-2024 will be held
2023-MM-DD during the District Council Meeting at the 2023 District Conference.