District Leader Nominations

Every year, District 61 seeks servant leaders to lead our organization for the next program year.

Next District Election

Elections for District Officers to lead in District 61 in the 2024-2025 program year will be held
2024-04-13 during the District Council Meeting at the 2024 District Conference.

District Leadership Committee Report

Select your Opportunity

Toastmasters Leadership is an opportunity to discover and explore your leadership skills. In District 61, each year we elect a District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and the required number of Division Directors. Read the documents below to learn more of the positions and decide how YOU will serve in a District Leadership Opportunity:

Current and Past District Officers are also great resources to share information and experiences in an office you are interested in. You may even find a mentor in them! Should you need assistance to be connected to current or past District Officers, contact your District Leadership Committee Chair who can facilitate introductions.

Submitting Nominations for District Officer Positions

To nominate any active, District 61 Toastmaster for a District Officer Role, complete the District Leadership Nominating Form: and e-mail it to the District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chair.

If you receive a nomination, the DLC will reach out to confirm your acceptance and for further information.

To nominate yourself, complete the following documents and e-mail them to the DLC Chair:

Deadline to submit nominations:

  • Nominations close 2024-01-10

Appointed District Officer Positions

If you are interested in any of the appointed roles in District 61, complete the District Leader Nominating Form and email it to the DLC Chair.