District Leader Nominations

Every year, District 61 looks for a new set of servant leaders. We need new ideas, new visions, new inspirations. We need you.

Next District Election

Elections for District Officers for the year 2023-2024 will be held
2023-04-15 during the District Council Meeting at the 2023 District Conference.

District Leadership Committee Report 2023-24

Decide How to Serve

The first step to decide how to serve your fellow Toastmasters is to read:

Another great resource is current and past district officers. They can tell you all about the office you’re interested in and you might even find in them a mentor. If you don’t know a current district officer, contact your District Director and they will connect you.

Get Nominated

To nominate any active Toastmaster in good standing in our district, complete the following:

E-mail the completed District Leader nominating Form to the chair of the District Leadership Committee (DLC) at Leadership@TMD61.com.

If someone nominates you, the DLC will contact you soon and ask you to complete the rest of the nomination package.

To nominate yourself, complete the nomination package:

E-mail the completed nomination package to the DLC at Leadership@TMD61.com.

Deadline to submit nominations:

  • Date: 2023-01-31
  • Time: 24:00

Other Roles

For Area Director, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, and Logistics Manager roles, send a completed District Leader Nominating Form to the current District Director. The District Leadership Committee will not interview these candidates.