District Leadership Nominations

Brian Sutton, DTM

The District Leadership Committee eagerly awaits the nomination forms to be submitted and for the interviews to start.

Right now we are looking for help to join the team that interviews potential candidates for positions in next year’s District 61 executive:

  • one from Division H
  • one from Division I

If interested please email Leadership@TMD61.com

If you are thinking of running for an elected position such as Division Director, or a member of the “trio”, you must e-mail your filled-in application:

https://www.toastmasters.org/-/media/files/department-documents/district-documents/450c-district-leader-nominating-form.ashx) to Leadership@tmd61.com

between midnight 2020-11-01 and midnight 2021-01-15.

NO applications will be accepted outside this period.

You should also familiarize yourself with Protocol 9 from the Toastmasters International Policy and Protocol https://www.toastmasters.org/leadership-central/governing-documents#Protocol90DistrictCampaignsandElections580

Once your application is received, confirmed, and accepted, you will receive a link to choose your interview time.

February:  During the second week of February, we will conduct all interviews and, within one week after concluding all the interviews, notify candidates of the results.

Any questions or concerns please email Leadership@tmd61.com

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