Document Creation and Editing

These guidelines will help to create consistent high quality, brand-compliant content. It excludes guidance on writing style.

District 61 Date and Time Standard. It applies to both English and French.

District 61 Lexicon


  • spelling
  • terminology
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • Paragraphs. For an unknown reason, for pasting into the web site posts, between paragraphs, we need an extra, empty paragraph.
  • It seems that when people translate English double quotation marks to French, they somehow convert them to two apostrophes or single quotation marks instead of guillements « (Alt+174) and » (Alt+175), respectively. I do not know how this happens, but I keep receiving text like this. Please check for that.
  • Hyperlinks. For hyperlinks if there is an available French link, include it. The hyperlink that is provided will be used.
  • Graphics. We use a plugin to automatically reduce uploaded graphics to maximum 1024 x 1024. For newsletter and event posts, the main image is the featured image. The optimum aspect ratio is 1200 x 628


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