DTM – Andreas J. Schwab

Your club(s)

  • Beaconsfield Toastmasters Club #4468

Years as a Toastmaster


Why you joined?

At the time, I had no idea what Toastmasters is all about. I was looking for new professional challenges and I became a member of Executives Available (www.ea-cd.ca), an organization that helps to find employment. Martin Shaw, who was leading the team at the time, recommended me to join Toastmasters. I was immediately hooked. I the end, I did not get a job but went straight into retirement.

Why you stay?

To keep intellectually astute, to pass on my experiences to the new generation, and, last but not least, for the companionship within an extended family.

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

How a community can empower the individual.

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