DTM – Falk Kyser

Your club(s)

  • Beaconsfield Toastmasters

Years as a Toastmaster

8 years….became a member in 2012

Why you joined?

Believe it or not, I joined Toastmasters to find my voice again during a very difficult career transition after leaving a very difficult boss.

Why you stay?

I stay at Toastmasters because it serves my new professional career as a Business Coach and Facilitator extremely well. I use the platform to try out different creative ways to reach different types of audiences. The evaluation element has made me a much better listener and coach. The mentorship element has allowed me to mentor and coach over 100 speakers both professionally and at Toastmasters. Most interestingly I suffer chronic vertigo and Toastmaster speeches teach me how to face my biggest trigger that makes the world spin for me…the audience! I have learned to stay up on my feet and occasionally graciously fall.

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

An important lesson I learned in my DTM journey is to completely trust my intuition when the unexpected arises and that has given me clarity and discernment to finish important projects.

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