DTM – Lathif Masood

Your club(s)

  • Ottawa Coaches’ Corner

Years as a Toastmaster

10 years

Why you joined?

I was working late and I heard the constant applause at the LCDC conference room next to my office. Pause, clap, pause, clap. pause clap, and on it went. I just had to see what was going on. It was really annoying, And now I am hooked.

Why you stay?

To me the Toastmasters environment is like the fertile forest where leaders can be identified, enabled, discovered and mobilized: these have become the DNA of ELF within the Division D ecosystem. I stay because Toastmasters help me to be what we humans really want to be: grow the goodness so that the community of learners can grow to be leaders. Just like the Forest helps the Trees.

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

Humility: To be grateful to God when my protegees and students thank me for the mentoring.

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