DTM – Martine Alexandre

Your club(s)

  • Les Explosifs de Laval

Years as a Toastmaster


Why you joined?

I wanted to apply again in the communications field, but am extremely embarrassed to express myself to a small group (I’m still anyway!). In a new job this is mainly what was expected of the candidate. I am no longer in the business, but everyday I apply what I learn at Toastmasters.

Why you stay?

I really wanted to get my DTM. The party that surrounds this beautiful achievement always brings tears to my eyes. I never thought I would reach such a level and get so involved. For me it’s such an important undertaking and I will continue because ‘Use it or lose it!’

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

Mutual aid, all alone I would never have reached this level. The members who have stayed for so many years have their hearts set on their hands, ready to help, to give back to the next member. They all gave me great lessons in life. The camaraderie is also very present, encouraging. In short, it’s a great living environment!

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