DTM – Michel Mercier

Your club(s)

  • Le  Club Québec (1838)
  • Le Club avancé Les Passionnés

Years as a Toastmaster

  • 24 years, since 1997-10-02

Why you stay?

  • I strongly believe in the educational mission of Toastmasters. Learning by doing.

  • Toastmasters offers me many opportunities to improve my speaking skills.

  • Humbly sharing my knowledge, I can exert a positive influence on new and experienced members, and also at the club level.

  • I enjoy growing with people who share a passion for communication and leadership. The spirit of camaraderie is great.

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

  • To maintain our motivation and commitment, we simply need to be 110% involved in everything we do at Toastmasters, no matter how small it may be. As long as we have Toastmasters goals and projects, our commitment endures.