DTM – Peggy Seville

Your club(s)

  • Toastmasters at Queen’s
  • Downtown Kingston Toastmasters

Years as a Toastmaster


Why you joined?

When I learned of Toastmasters and that it was a public
speaking group, I thought “Huh, I could use that.’” That was about as much thought that went into it. When I attended my first Toastmasters meeting, I thought “Wow, I need to be here.” Something about it resonated with me. Little did I know that I was about to embark on nine year journey.

Why you stay?

Toastmasters has literally changed my life. Professionally
and personally. I continue to learn, I’m surrounded by amazing people, and I’m now giving back by mentoring a club and new members. A Toastmasters club also becomes
like a family. We get close very quickly by putting ourselves out there in front of our fellow members, being vulnerable and giving each other support. I have made many good friends through Toastmasters and look forward to continuing to make more.

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

Being a good leader means that I need to recognize the human element in working as a team towards a project or a goal. I tend to be very task oriented. Do this step, then that step, etc. I have learned to recognize that not everyone is the same. I can’t just fire out an email with the details of a task and expect people to follow. They need my personal guidance, coaching, the big picture, recognition, permission to screw it up sometimes, and most of all my appreciation if I expect them to follow me.

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