DTM – Penelope Turnbull

Your club(s)

  • Creative Communicators
  • Good Morning! Ottawa

Years as a Toastmaster


Why you joined?

The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario recognized that professionals who presented well made more money and captured more commissions than those who did not present well.  They suggested the local chapter start a club in Ottawa.  

I joined because I needed more confidence to be able to speak to large groups. I also liked the idea that I could educate myself in many ways that would allow me to be a more competent Interior Designer.

Why you stay?

It worked! I learned so much that was of value to my career and I also had a great deal of fun, met new friends and enjoyed the challenges of the program.

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

Positive feedback in the form of evaluations is an amazing skill and beneficial in all walks of life. I like the reinforcement of the good parts while it allows and identifies things to improve.

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