Club Officer Training

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Another chance to get your club officer training brought to you by Division A’s leadership team! Missed the previous club officer training? We got you covered! Join us for an interactive session and learn the foundation of your officer role so you can serve your club in the best capacity this year!  

How to Write a Speech with Ease

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Many of us joined Toastmasters to improve our public speaking, but how many of us are actually impeded from practicing our public speaking skills because we find it difficult to write speeches or don’t have time to write them? If this describes you, worry no more. Writing a speech is a lot easier and takes a lot less time than …

How to deliver an effective evaluation – Online

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Why are speech evaluations such an important part of Toastmasters? Effective evaluations help you develop important skills: active listening, logical thinking, persuasive communication, and above all, empathy. These are essential tools to make you a better leader. In this workshop you will discover how to build, organize and deliver an effective evaluation, so you can improve as a speaker, a …

Club Leadership Conversation: Membership Building

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Join us for a conversation about membership building during COVID: Learn the building blocks of ALL successful membership building projects. Share your ideas with your fellow Club Leaders from across the district. Develop a list of solutions and best practices to maximize your clubs efforts.  

Cybersecurity Info Session

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Kanata Toastmasters presents Cybersecurity Info Session! Chris Whalen is the Director of IT and Cybersecurity at Solace, an Ottawa based high tech company. He is an experienced professional with a focus on cybersecurity and has a history of leading teams and projects in the IT and Cybersecurity industry. With a love for technology and a passion for cybersecurity he is …

SpeechCraft – The Who, the What, The How

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You have been curious about this excellent membership building tool, but do not know much about it or how it works. You can build your club from low numbers back to charter strength by using this 6-week program. This webinar will go into some detail about what this program is about and how to work it for the best results. …

How to Organize a Contest

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To prepare for the Contest season, please join the Speech Contest Team as they prepare you on “How to deliver an Award Winning Speech” Alexandra Shirokova (2019-2020 District 61 champion) and Raymond Brisebois (2016 District 61 representative at International convention) will lead you through the techniques she used to get her to the District stage.

How to use Zoom for an Online Contest

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Are you hosting an Online Contest? Looking to learn the logistics of hosting an Online Contest using Zoom? Please join Daniel Riendeau (French) and Michel St. Germain (English) as they navigate through the logistics of an online contest.

The Mentor/Protegé Relationship: Matchmaking Made Easy

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In setting up a mentoring program it is important to learn about the six different personalities that make up our membership. Knowing these personalities will help being able to create successful mentor/protégé relationships. Building a database, being able to track who is working with each other and establishing the needs and goals of the member / protégé will help get …