DTM – Emilie St.Hilaire

Your club(s)

  • Expression St-jean-Sur-Richelieu
  • Agropur Coopérative Corporate Club

Years as a Toastmaster


Pourquoi avez-vous joint?

To develop my speaking skills and participate in competitions

Why you stay?

The learning environment in which members evolve allows us to encourage each other. In addition to the training program, the clubs’ actions even go so far as to set up courses, outings, competitions and even participation in cultural events. That’s high speed development!

One lesson you learned on your journey to DTM

Toastmasters International is a most diverse, rich and dynamic group that grows from the success of each of its members. We must never forget that we are all part of this beautiful organization that lives and comes alive with each of us!

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  1. Bravo Émilie, tu es un exemple pour nous au club. Tu apportes de la nouveauté dans tes présentations comme animatrice, comme VP à la formation. Merci de ton engagement envers le club.

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