Le standard de date et l’heure de District 61

Le 2019-04-27, le Conseil d’administration de district 61 a adopté un standard pour exprimer date et l’heure, en fonction de l’Organisation internationale de normalisation (ISO) 8601 formats de date et heure.

Format de date

Se référant à Format de date Exemple
Date AAAA-MM-JJ 2020-11-29
An AAAA 2020
Mois AAAA-MM 2020-11
Année fiscal AAAA-[AAAA+1] 2020-2021

Format de l’heure

Le format de l’heure:

  • 24 heures
  • zéro rempli
Format Exemples Explication
HH:MM 00:01
Une minute après minuit
Neuf heures du matin
Le midi
Neuf heures du soir

How to apply the standard


  1. Start > Settings > Time & Language > Date, time & regional formatting > Change data formats
  2. Date courte: AAAA-MM-JJ
  3. L’heure courte: HH:MM

Longue date et l’heure à long ne peuvent être modifiés à partir de l’interface utilisateur.

Réf: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-date-and-time-formats-windows-10


  1. Apple menu > System Preferences > Language & Region
  2. Click the Region pop-up menu, then choose a geographic region to use that region’s date, time, number, and currency formats.
  3. To customize the formats, click Advanced > Set options.
  4. In the General pane, set formats for numbers, currency, and measurements.
  5. In the Dates and Times panes, do any of the following:
  • Type in the Short, Medium, Long, and Full fields.
  • Rearrange or delete elements.
  • Drag other elements, such as Era or Second, into the fields.
  • Click the pop-up menus , then choose another way to display the element type. (For example, you can display the month as a number, with or without the leading zero, or as a word, either abbreviated or spelled out.)
  • In the Times pane, replace AM and PM with whatever you type in those fields (unless you’re using a 24-hour clock).

Réf: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/mac-help/mh27073/mac


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