Help Comes to Those Who ASK!

Kimberly Dueck, DTM
District Director

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, possibly in over your head when you are serving in a leadership position? So much work but how to get it all done? Am I even capable of doing this role? I’ve been in that position many times. It’s the joy of growth…it’s rarely comfortable!

While leadership can be uncomfortable, one common misperception is that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Great news! All of us have strengths AND weaknesses (aka less experience or less skills/passion); as soon as we embrace this fact, we can get on with the business of asking for help, reducing our anxiety, and thriving as leaders.

The most amazing part about Toastmasters is that help is literally just around the corner! We all want to help each other to succeed. Our program is set-up to support you! Your club likely already has experienced Toastmasters members, your club executive has an immediate past president, and all clubs are supported by an Area Director. Mentors come in many forms. Find someone you admire and/or trust to lean on when you have questions and need support.

It can also be hard asking club members to help with various projects or activities that we are working on. We have a mindset where if there is no check mark awarded, there will not be interest in helping. Or everyone is too busy (hint: we ALL are!). Think about this differently. EVERY opportunity brings GROWTH (regardless of no check mark). It starts with LISTENING to each member to learn what their personal goals are and find opportunities that will give them the invaluable experience to achieve their goals. Many times members are not aware of their potential (or have self doubts) and you will likely be surprised how willing they are to participate in some capacity!

If this message sounds impossible, Awesome! Toastmasters is looking for real authentic leaders just like you! Leaders in the rough dreaming of the next promotion, starting that new business, or simply seeking to connect with people at another level – just waiting for a leadership opportunity to give an edge to unlock the door to your dreams. Toastmasters IS where leaders are made.

Think about serving on next year’s club or district executive teams. Great leadership opportunities are waiting for you!!

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