District Messages 2020-2021

District Director — Kimberly Dueck DTM 2020-2021

Photo: George Kongalath

2020 is a year I’m sure none of us will ever forget…

The year the world took a deep breath and asked all of us to stay home. Some of us directly impacted through health or loss of a job. Many others left feeling the unsettling impact of isolation.

The year where Toastmasters became known for its TRUE strength – the community of our members supporting each other. Where clubs continued to meet and thrive online learning new skills demanded in a new online world.

The year where YOU took a chance, said “YES” to invest in your personal development, and turned your life towards a direction you always dreamed about but never thought possible.

Toastmasters is an amazing organization that helps members find their voice and build confidence through its positive supportive environment built on a foundation of mentorship and encouraging/constructive peer feedback. You decide where you want to grow, at your own pace, through experiential learning. The learning potential is endless!

This year District 61 is focused on Empowering the Next Wave of Leaders through developing leadership skills and providing opportunities (big or small) for all members looking to grow! It’s in times of crisis where our metal is tested, and the true leaders rise. Are you up for the challenge?

If you would like to explore how Toastmasters can help you grow, contact your club executive, Area Director, or me directly at dd@tmd61.com. Your future is ready for you!!

Program Quality Director — Tanya Hall DTM 2020-2021

It is the beginning of a new year – which also means the beginning of a new journey! For some this may mean a new club officer role, or a new educational path or maybe it is even embarking on Pathways for the first time. Whatever your journey may be, we are in it together!

As with every year, this year will be full of learning and development. We just need to open the door and welcome the opportunity. We get to take this learning and development and apply it to other avenues of our life – work, social, family. The skills we learn in Toastmasters can be applied everywhere and anywhere!

Over the years, our District has cultivated many resources to help you on your journey. If you haven’t done so, please take a minute to explore the  Resource section of our website: https://tmd61.com/resources/  It is rich with content produced by your peers. Content that will help support you wherever your journey takes you.

I am on my own journey this year and the thing that I am looking forward to the most is the ability to share each of your successes!  If you have ever had the opportunity to celebrate a club member reaching a milestone, you know what I mean when I say it is exhilarating. And I get to do that with each and every one of you!  I couldn’t be prouder to be serving as your Program Quality Director. My door is always open, and I look forward to the many conversations we can have!  pqd@tmd61.com

Club Growth Director — Amy Campbell DTM 2020-2021

The Toastmasters program is incredibly powerful – helping our members achieve their goals and realize their untapped potential. The confidence that is instilled through Toastmasters allows people to build the skills they need to become more confident communicators and leaders in EVERY area of their lives.

Joining Toastmasters is the most cost-effective investment in leadership training available. You will thrive in the achievement of all your goals and become the person you have always dreamed of. There are no limits – realize your untapped potential.

The magic all begins in a Toastmasters meeting, and all Toastmasters meetings consist of three parts:

  • Prepared Speeches – designed to improve critical thinking, confidence, and presentation and message delivery skills.
  • Impromptu Speaking (referred to as Table Topics®) – designed to develop the ability to organize one’s thought quickly to respond with clear and succinct ideas.
  • Evaluations – designed to improve active listening, critical thinking, and feedback skills.

The Club Growth Team is proud to bring Toastmasters to YOU. Interested in the power of the Toastmasters program, building a club, or how you can join a club? Contact cgd@tmd61.com, and let’s start the conversation – we are excited to talk with you!