Educational Awards 2020-2021

In Pathways, you are recognized for every achievement and milestone you and your club reach. Whether you pursue one path or several, every step you take will be supported and celebrated along the way. Take a minute to celebrate your fellow Toastmasters achieving Level 5 in their selected Path!

Month/MoisMember/MembreAward/PrixClub Name/Nom du clubDivisionArea/Secteur
2021-08Andrianasolo, FetraStrategic Relationships 5Les optimates de la colline parlementaire de QuébecI92
2021-08Bourezane, NabilaPresentation Mastery 5NDG Leader Toastmasters ClubG62
2021-08Campbell, MaureenInnovative Planning 5CMHC/SCHL ClubD31
2021-08Chan, KimmanLeadership Development 5Club Toastmasters Les Mots ArtsC22
2021-08Phillips-Culligan, AimeDynamic Leadership 5Mail Talk ClubD35
2021-08Tan, TommyInnovative Planning 5Bank of Canada Toastmasters ClubC24
2021-08Tan, TommyDynamic Leadership 5Bank of Canada Toastmasters ClubC24
2021-07Audet, NicoleDTMLes Communicateurs de la Rive-NordF55
2021-07Cook, Gina Y.DTMStittsville Toastmasters ClubA5
2021-07Cook, Gina Y.Presentation Mastery 5Silver & Wiser ToastmastersH71
2021-07Cook, Gina Y.Innovative Planning 5Stittsville Toastmasters ClubA5
2021-07Payment, MichelDTMLes Communicateurs eloquents de LanaudiereH72
2021-07Morel, GhyslaineStrategic Relationships 5Club Toastmasters Lemoyne de CandiacH73
2021-07Francis, Keion MarlandoDynamic Leadership 5Orléans Raconteurs Toastmasters Club 808D30
2021-07Lorye, EkaterinaPresentation Mastery 5Royal SpeakEasy Toastmasters ClubG62
2021-07Palardy, Ken A.Effective Coaching 5Smiths Falls ToastmastersA3
2021-07Zapata, AdrianaLeadership Development 5Speakers Corner ClubD32
2021-09Brisebois, LindaEngaging Humour 5Avancé Synergie Toastmasters ClubC23
2021-09Brichta, JessicaDynamic Leadership 5Speakers Corner ClubD32
2021-09Brennan, Nathalie ElizabethMotivational Strategies 5Barrhaven ToastmastersA4
2021-09Dueck, Kimberly B.Leadership Development 5Ottawa Coaches CornerB13
2021-09Gagné, MariePersuasive Influence5Quest Toastmasters ClubI93
2021-09Mark, KathyInnovative Planning 5Club Toastmasters MontréalG61
2021-10Morin, KatyVisionary Communications 5Leaders En ActionG60
2021-10Houde, SylvieVisionary Communications 5Quest Toastmasters ClubI93
2021-10Keppel-Jones, StephenInnovative Planning 5Nepean Wingtalkers Toastmasters ClubA4
2021-10Labruyère, HervéPersuasive Influence5Club Toastmasters de SherbrookeH70