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By District Speechcraft Chair, Gina Cook DTM PID

Is your club under strength? Are you meeting during this pandemic? You could benefit from the running of a Speechcraft program. 

The Speechcraft course is a wonderful membership building tool that you can use over a 6-week period. You can include the session inside your current

Toastmaster meeting so all members could also take advantage of the educational sessions that are part of this course. This course is, unfortunately, only available in English. 

Personally, I have found this educational program very useful to the club to gain new members.  Traditionally, the best time to start a Speechcraft program is in October (fall) and January (winter) – when many people start new courses.

The Speechcraft program is one of the programs that you can charge a cost to the public to participate for 6 weeks.  What my clubs have done in the past is used the fees paid by a participant towards their membership fees when they decide to join the club. This program can be run virtually, but will take a little more coordination, perhaps, than in the club in-person meetings.

District 61 provides one of these educational programs to our clubs that are under 12 members and that have someone assigned as the program coordinator.  I have three (3) packages (consisting of Coordinator Guide and 5 participant manuals) available that can be shipped to you if needed. These packages can also be purchased through Toastmasters International. The skills that your participants will learn as part of the Speechcraft course can be transferred to our Pathways program.

This is the time to build the membership in your club. Take advantage of this excellent membership building tool for your club and run the course in your club soon!

contact: Gina at for more information.

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