Planning the Year Ahead

Planning the year ahead!
By Amy Campbell, DTM, District 61 Club Growth Director

I’ve heard many comments from fellow Toastmasters longing for their in-person meetings – especially missing the famous hugs we are so accustomed to sharing. Although, in the same breath there is much gratitude to the connection kept alive in Toastmasters via online meetings, a welcomed consolation prize to our circumstances. I echo those sentiments ten times over again, and I know that we are all doing our best to stay healthy and safe. I am grateful to my fellow club members who weekly show up online, and continue to provide the feedback, the support, and the safe environment to develop my online meeting facilitation skills. I am determined to share my slides without announcing the attempt first! Best. Feedback. Ever.

Those loyal members are always there… but it would be understandable for all of us to wonder how our clubs will continue to grow and thrive in the future during this pandemic. Witnessing the determination and dedication of our members to go beyond the club meeting is outstanding. Special events have been held, celebrations had, and even ways to have our traditional post toasties – it is certainly inspiring to the Club Growth Team!
That inspiration was the key to the planning for this year, and it is going to be an exciting year to support your club in various ways:

  • Offering tips to empower your clubs to build strong memberships.
  • Reward for clubs who demonstrate outstanding club building results.
  • Empowering you to embrace greater leadership opportunities such as club coach, new club sponsors, or new club mentor.
  • Developing tools to facilitate your club’s officer, member, and guest experience. Assisting with the ongoing use of Meetup and other technical tools.

To quote Ralph Smedley, “Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others.” We (the Club Growth Team), are ramping up to ensure your clubs have a great year. Allow me to introduce:

Together, we will grow and thrive! Reach out to connect:

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