Club Emissary Program

Introducing the District 61 Club Emissary Program—an extraordinary opportunity for you to become a Toastmaster's emissary, embarking on a mission to explore new clubs and share in the joy of learning and camaraderie.

What is an Emissary?

According to the venerable Oxford Dictionary, an emissary is a person sent on a special mission, often in the role of a diplomatic representative. In Toastmasters, it signifies a unique opportunity—a chance for you to become a Toastmaster's emissary, venturing on a mission of enlightenment, exploration, and fellowship.

What Awaits You, the Member?

  • Hone Your Speaking Skills: Seize additional opportunities to deliver speeches and take on diverse meeting roles, all contributing to your Pathways progress.
  • Infuse Fresh Ideas: Bring back innovative concepts to energize your club's meetings and keep the excitement alive.
  • Expand Your Network: Forge new friendships and broaden your Toastmasters network. Why wait for an Area or Division contest to meet extraordinary individuals?
  • Discover Uncharted Territories: Step out of your comfort zone and explore clubs beyond your home base, unveiling a world of possibilities.

What's in it for the Visited Club?

  • Idea Exchange: Foster the cross-pollination of ideas, enriching your club's meeting experience.
  • Tap into Fresh Talent: Welcome additional talent to assume speaking or other agenda roles, enhancing the vibrancy of your club meetings.
  • Potential Dual Members: An emissary may choose to become a dual member in your club, contributing to its growth.
  • Quality Enhancement: Discover novel methods and ideas for elevating the quality of your club meetings.

What Will the Emissary Achieve?

By visiting 10 or more clubs during this Toastmasters program year (ending 2024-06-30) and submitting a completed Club Emissary Form for each visit, you will:

  • Earn the 'Where Leaders are Made' Pin: A symbol of your commitment to leadership and growth.
  • Gain Recognition in the Hall of Fame: Your name etched in Toastmasters history.

How to Complete Your Club Emissary Visit:

Step 1: Eligibility

All District 61 Toastmasters are eligible, as long as they are not a member of the club they're visiting or haven't been in the past year.

Area Directors can earn credit for visiting clubs in adjacent areas within their division and beyond, excluding their assigned clubs.

Step 2: Find a Club

Search for a club that interests you and fits your schedule, whether it's in your area, division, or beyond. You have the freedom to explore! Use 'Find A Club' on the Toastmasters International website.

Step 3: Prepare for Your Visit

Confirm meeting details and plan your visit.

If you'd like to participate in the meeting, coordinate with the Vice President, Education of the visited club to secure a role on the agenda or simply observe.

Step 4: Submit Your Visit

After the meeting, complete the electronic Club Emissary Form

Don't miss this opportunity to become an emissary of inspiration, knowledge, and growth within our Toastmasters community. Start your special mission today, explore new horizons, and make 2024 a year of memorable experiences!

Join the District 61 Club Emissary Program and let your Toastmasters journey soar to new heights!


Leigh Street, DTM
Program Quality Director
Toastmasters District 61