Speechcraft is an intensive public speaking course (4 - 8 weeks) in the fundamentals of public speaking, communication, and leading meetings offered to non-Toastmasters or to new members of Toastmasters. It teaches basic skills: speaking, listening, evaluating, along with fundamentals on how to run a meeting.

A Speechcraft course prepares participants for increased and broadened responsibilities in their workplace and community. Businesses and organizations seek and promote individuals with good communication and organization skills.

It is also a great way to promote the value of the Toastmasters program, enabling prospective new members to experience, first-hand, what Toastmasters is all about. Toastmasters clubs may conduct Speechcraft Courses:

  • during regular Toastmasters club meetings, to enable new and prospective members to experience the program and quickly develop foundational skills
  • as a special course outside of Toastmasters meetings to introduce non-Toastmasters to the program
  • to launch a new Toastmasters club.

Speechcraft Coordinator and Member Activities

Although the Speechcraft Course Coordinator is responsible for organizing and delivering the program, the course is designed to transfer responsibilities to the participants as speakers, Topicsmaster, Toastmaster, chairperson, and other meeting roles.

Other members of Toastmasters can serve as advisors, giving educational speeches and performing meeting roles. Helping others to improve could be the next step in the personal growth of the course coordinator or the club members.

The coordinator receives credit for the program under the Pathways educational system. Contributing members can receive credit for their speech projects toward their educational goals.

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