Pathways is the Toastmasters educational program. These videos and guides will help you get started and maximize the value of the Pathways program.

New to Pathways

Pathways 1.1 Getting Started (1m 8s)

Pathways 1.2 Basic Navigation (1m 25s)

Pathways 2.1 First Project (1m 3s)

Pathways 2.2 Other Projects (1m 21s)

Pathways 3.1 My Profile (1m 37s)

Pathways 3.2 Feedback (1m 7s)

Pathways 3.3 Resources (1m 42s)

Pathways 4.1 Evaluations (1m 57s)

Getting the Most out of Pathways (52 m)

Diving into Pathways (18 m)


Educational Presentations and Supporting Material

Base Camp Managers

Pathways 1 Base Camp Manager Overview (1m 14s)

The Base Camp Manager role is reserved for the following club officers: VP Education, President and Secretary. Video contents:

  • Ordering a print path on behalf of a member
  • Pending requests (approving levels; approving external training)
  • Where to find tutorials; types of tutorials (“Overview” vs. video).

Pathways 2 Base Camp Manager Progress Reports (1m 3s)

Video contents:

  • Access Individual Progress reports
  • Open a report
  • Refresh or print (top right corner)
  • View details or refresh (hidden arrow)
  • Overview of the details available Save or print
  • View other reports:
    • Path progress
    • Path type
    • Recently selected paths
    • External training.

Pathways 3 Base Camp Manager Member profiles (1m 2s)

Video contents:

  • Search by name or “View team”
  • Base camp profile (view meeting roles)
  • Giving feedback and badges
  • View Transcript
  • View E-portfolio (documents and badges)
  • Members who are also members of other clubs

Pathways documents contributed by clubs

These documents were contributed by clubs that want to share their valuable resources.