Try, risk, die

Try, risk, die
By Scott McLaughlin

This month I want to share with you a challenge.  It is designed to help you gain perspective on the challenges that confront you. It helps you identify the fears that keep you stuck by labelling each action outside of your comfort zone.  You can apply this to Toastmasters or any area of your life. 

In the middle of the diagram is our comfort zone. The behaviours, actions, routines we have no problem doing. They require very little or no effort. There is no growth in the comfort zone.   

Outside of the comfort zone is the Try area. These are small actions you know you should do, you know you can do, but it takes a little bit of effort and discipline to get yourself to do it. It may involve briefly stepping into the unknown, but no great risk involved. An example of this could be for a new member trying a table topic for the first time or taking on an expanded meeting role.

Outside of Try is Risk. Risk requires an action that you have not done in the past. It takes courage to accomplish because it carries the possibility of failure and rejection. Examples could be a member deciding to enter a speech contest for the first time or speaking outside the club, taking on a role on the club executive with no prior experience. It includes actions where success is not certain.

The final circle is the Die zone. It is called the Die zone because the thought of doing the actions in this zone makes your heart race and takes your breath away. An example could be speaking at a huge conference in your second language or being interviewed on TV.

Each zone is different for each individual. A Die for one member may be a Try for another. Challenge yourself.  Set a time frame (one, two months, six months)- f For every Try you do give yourself 1 point, each Risk 7 points, every die 27 points. 

Your goal is to score 84 points during that time period.

Looking at life through Try, Risk or Die helps you focus on what you want rather than staying comfortable.

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  1. Very good article. I would like to make a speech on that subject. Thanks for sharing

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