3 Steps to Avoid Getting Ghosted by Guests – Jeremy DeMerchant


Picture this: You have a guest show up to a meeting, they seem to have a great time, you hand them a guest packet, you let them know you are happy to answer their questions, and then they leave the meeting… never to be heard from again! Has this happened to you or your club? Do your guests seem to ghost you after a great meeting? We can change that.

Understand what exactly is going through the mind of your guest before, during and after the meeting that causes them to ghost you. Learn the simple steps you can take to virtually eliminate ghosting, and ensure your club continues to grow with enthusiastic members.

Jeremy DeMerchant is a #1 best-selling author, award-winning speaker, and creator of the Momentum 120 Sales Accelerator. Jeremy founded Permission To Sell Consulting Group after two decades of sales and leadership roles for industry giants in telecom, finance and education. On a mission to help companies grow their sales success, Jeremy has had the opportunity to support small business owners and sales teams from Santa Monica to Singapore to double their sales results in a matter of weeks. He believes that the most powerful way to create a positive impact in people’s lives is to give them the skills, confidence, and support to be able to influence positive change in themselves and others.

This accompanying document will help you to internalize the process: