A COOL Way of Strategy Execution – Panel Discussion


Panel discussion with Carmen Lee Pow, DTM, PDG and Lynda Starr, DTM, Region 9 Advisor, moderated by Division C Director, Rishanthi Pattiarachchi. The discussion begins once the strategy is developed, covering just the execution phase.

Learning Leaders

List of chapters (click the time to go to the chapter. Once on YouTube, the chapter links are in the video description):
0:00 – Opening
6:35 – What brought you to Toastmasters?
12:58 – What does leadership mean to you?
18:56 – Why do perfectly developed strategies fail to achieve their desired outcomes?
28:18 – When you approach a task how do you keep focused on the main goal?
31:24 – How do you develop self-discipline as a leader?
36:40 – How do you motivate/inspire teams without using force?
41:01 – Audience questions and answers
49:53 – Advice for new leaders
55:23 – Thanks and a toast by Michel St. Germain, District 61 Director, 2023-2024