Toastmaster to Published Author – Dr. Paul Newton


From Toastmaster to Published Author – You’ve Got What It Takes to Write a Book

90% of people want to write a book, but sadly few ever realize that dream. As a Toastmaster, you are much closer to being a published author than you think. By applying your skills as a speaker and following a time-tested system, writing a book in 2020 could shift from wishin’ to a mission.

This video is for you

  • You always wanted to write a book but don’t know where to start
  • You have a great story and you want to get it published
  • You are a good writer but writing a whole book seems overwhelming
  • You want to discover how to create a plan that gets your book written this year

Learn how to

  • Position your book project so your writing gets the attention of the right reader
  • Turn your ideas into a simple, organized outline that makes your writing process easy
  • Create a writing plan that gets you excited to write every week

Commitment to your goal and the right system make all the difference between postponing your dream another year and proudly holding your book in your hands.

About Dr. Paul

As a busy chiropractor, Dr. Paul Newton found himself putting “write my book” in his goals at the beginning of every new year. Becoming a published author did not become his reality until it was a goal for his business with a purpose and a plan. Once he knew why he was writing a book, he created a clear plan to realize his goal. He wrote and published his first book in 4 short months.

After 16 years of practice, Dr. Paul made a career leap from chiropractor to writer and publisher. His company, Expert Author Press, helps business owners, professionals and experts write and publish books that advance their business objectives.

Dr. Paul has a passion for human connection and loves to do this through cooking, teaching and writing. Toastmasters gives him the opportunity to share what he does best with an amazing community of passionate people.

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